The Grind 1The Grind family is excited to launch our website! We are going on our third year since opening in 2012 and we are proud to serve our community. We strive to continually better our services, better our customer service and are continually looking in bringing in relevant products to better serve the people in Chaparral, New Mexico, and the surrounding El Paso and Las Cruces areas. We thank you Chaparral!


Our Mission: To provide the people in our community with quality service at competitive prices.

Our Hours of Operation are:
Monday thru Friday
10:00 am to 6:30 pm

You can reach us at:
(915) 400-5824

 Fax a document to us at:
1 (206) 888-5958

Please check out our articles below. They were written to help you save money. We will continue writing them to increase your chances to keep more of your money in your pocket. We will be adding literature and videos on the topics of coffee, faxing hacks, low cost printing, design and web development, computer clean-ups, handling viruses & malware and optimizing your computer (desktop or laptop) so you get the best performance from your device.

The Grind is your one stop shop for administrative services and while you are here, have a cup of coffee. Keep Reading →

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USB Scan – Scan a Document or Scan for Viruses?

USB Scan 1When people talk about USB Scan, are they referring to scanning a document to USB, or are they referring to scanning their computers for viruses using software placed on a USB. In this article I’m going to address how to do both and how to do them for low cost or maybe even for free. At The Grind Internet Shop we do both of these activities on a daily basis, as these are the type of services we provide to our customers.


USB Scan – Scanning a Document to your USB

A USB flash drive is a powerful tool. It fits in your pocket, it holds tons of information, they are now becoming ever more affordable and the applications of the USB platform are growing. For those of you who don’t already have a one, if you want to keep up with the times, you gotta get one. To get a good quality USB click here, but if you already have one lets proceed and get to how you would Scan to USB.

The USB Scan technique is very practical. The information you scan can be stored for later use and later moved to a device that will hold that information for a long time. I have to warn you though, I don’t recommend leaving important documents on USB’s for several reasons. Keep Reading →

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Computer Repair El Paso and Surrounding Areas

Computer repair el paso 1If you ever looked in any directory for “Computer Repair El Paso,” then you have made it to the right site on the internet. We proudly service the community of Chaparral, the cities of El Paso, Las Cruces and the surrounding areas. A large portion of our customer base looking for computer repair, come from El Paso. This is due to the three years we have been in business and by word of mouth from our loyal customers. Thank you for this!

When it comes to computer repair, we believe in empowering you to be able to optimize your own computer, whether it be a laptop or desktop, windows PC or Mac computer. When you come to The Grind to have your computer fixed, you will always learn something new and practical about your computer.

Many of our customers come to have a cup of coffee, relax and pick our brains about how to keep their computer running smoothly. We don’t mind this at all and in fact we encourage it, we love to help you out.

Looking for Computer Repair El Paso, Las Cruces and the Surrounding Areas?

You won’t find a better deal in the region. When it comes to computer repair in El Paso, TX., we beat most competitors. We can fix your computer at an unbeatable price. This is due to us specializing in malware and virus removal and computer optimization. At the moment we have two prices for this type of service. Why only two prices? Well because the majority of our customers come to us with the basically one problem, they have computer virus! The majority of time we can do a full system clean-up for just $20 (plus tax). And if we find a virus, then the price is only $30 (plus tax). Keep Reading →

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Copy and Paste not working?

Copy and paste not working 1Is your copy and paste not working? I’m going to show you several ways to fix this issue using some keyboard shortcuts. I will also show you the safe way to fix this problem using the command prompt function if the problem persist after trying the first method (if you don’t know what this is, don’t worry, I’ll guide you step by step). If after implementing the first two methods with no success, you will learn the final procedure that involves restoring your computer as a last resort.

Copy and Paste Not Working? It’s not that big of a deal…

Many people who come here run into this problem quite often at The Grind. The idea of copying and pasting seems foreign to the majority of the population and even to some experienced users.

The most common method of copying, pasting and cutting is practiced by using a mouse. This technique allows for faster browsing of the internet, faster word processing, faster video and audio editing and faster of anything that I’ve left out. With the mouse you can just select the text (or audio/video) you want to copy, then right click. A menu pops out, you must select the “cut” or “copy” option. You will then go to the area where you want to paste the chosen content. Just right click and select the “Paste.” You will see the content appear in the designated area.

Sometimes you may run into a few programs or web pages where this is not possible. Yes, there are website owners who purposely prohibit its viewers from copying their material and use a program to do this. But there is a way to get around this using keyboard shortcuts. Keep Reading →

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Print it: How to Print Items Inexpensively Anywhere

Are you trying to find inexpensive ways to print it? Have you been turning over each and every rock to uncover concealed cost savings? Gamble & Procter is, and it discovered huge amounts of money, all concealed under 1000’s of their copiers and printers. The consumer merchandise firm observed their financial savings after they employed a contractor to take care of their worldwide variety of printing equipment, papers and ink cartridges.

Print it 1Printing equipment, both residential and commercial printing machines, go through ink so fast like it’s nobody’s business. Your print it machine might be screaming to you “no ink!” Well the reality is there are ways to save money when you are trying to print it. Let’s go over some strategies:

Print it: Reduce your production

Here’s a way to reduce your printing expenses with the machine you already have: by printing two sheets on one. Most printer drivers (the printing program your printer uses) can fit two pages on one sheet of paper. Each page gets decreased in dimension and rotated 90 degrees, to ensure that two pages land side-by-side on just one sheet. If you can print on both sides (duplex printing) then you can double the money you save because you also save money on the paper you use.

But let’s face it, many times we don’t have the option to reduce the size of each document. Another strategy you can make use of is by using a controlled print it services company (also known as a MPS company or Managed Professional Services company). By doing this you can actually settle, centralize and outsource manage your copying and printing needs. Keep Reading →

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