Cheap Canvas Prints, Do-It-Yourself

Cheap Canvas Prints 1At The Grind Internet Shop we love to offer our customers cheap canvas prints. Unfortunately we can’t print canvas in-house, so we have to outsource it. But we believe this to be a huge advantage because we can customize different types of large prints so that they are printed inexpensively.

So Why Make Your Cheap Canvas Prints Instead?

If you haven’t yet seen the prices for large canvas prints, just check them out online. They could range anywhere from $13.00 (on some sites) for a simple 8″X8″ or up to $152.00 for a 36″X48″. But how about making your own canvas prints? They can be made inexpensively and in just a couple of hours. Making your own cheap canvas prints is the best way to go if you want to save money.

But first, why Canvas?

Canvas prints have this property that adds aesthetic value to a room. It’s different from simple poster material or a  framed photo.  It can be thought that many artist choose the canvas material over regular paper (glossy or not) because it is more elegant. Art simply looks better on canvas material.

So let’s get started. . .

You are going to be surprised at how easy it is to make your own canvas prints cheap. You don’t even have to leave your home to get the material as I have added links so you can check out the items on Amazon.

You are going to need:
(Click on the link to purchase your materials at

Step 1: Prepare your photo

If you are going to make a large cheap canvas print, then you will have to go to your local Walmart, Costco, Sams, etc. to get the photo(s) printed. We are making a cheap canvas print from digital photos, so anything that is standard size (such as 8.5″X11″, 4″X6″ or 5″X7″) you can print from your house if you have an ink jet printer. Just make sure you print the photo to the size of the canvas, unless you don’t mind a border.

I recommended that you cut off any white on the border of the original photo, as this will make the canvas print look as if it was single unit.

Cheap Canvas Prints 2

Step 2: Paint the canvas edges

This step is optional, as you may want to keep the natural tone of the canvas. If you do decide to paint the edges just make sure you give the paint enough time to dry before applying the Mod Podge adhesive which is what we will do next in our steps.


Step 3: Apply the Mod Podge adhesive

You want to pour enough Mod Podge into the small bowl to be able to apply a thin coat of this adhesive using the fine brush. Make sure the application is smooth and has no clumps on the canvas surface. After applying the thin coat of Mod Podge give it some time for the Mod Podge to become tacky before applying the photo.

This Is Important: The Mod Podge should be tacky, which means not fully dry but has a slightly sticky feel to it.

Step 4: Apply the photo

Again, the thin layer of Mod Podge you applied in the previous step should be tacky. Go ahead and layer the photo on top of the canvas, starting from the center. If you are applying a poster size photo, have somebody help you. You want to start from the center so that you can work out any air bubbles that have been trapped.

To help take out any stubborn air bubbles, you may want to try this. Once you have aligned the photo to the canvas, turn it over so that the photo is on a flat surface. Starting from the center, keeping the canvas still, use your hands to push out the air bubbles. Now turn the canvas over so that the photo is facing up again and allow it to dry for about a hour or until fully dry.

At this point, depending on your taste, you can choose a glossy (photo like) finish your cheap canvas print. If you want this finish, then you are done. On the other hand, you can also apply a sealing coat to give it more of a canvas feel. If you want the canvas feel then proceed to the next step.

Step 5: Apply a sealing coat of Mod PodgeCheap Canvas Prints 3

Now don’t be scared to apply another layer of Mod Podge onto the actual photo using the foam brush. The foam brush will give you a smoother finish. The Mod Podge will add a white film on the photo but not to worry, it will dry clear. This process seals the image so that the cheap canvas print actually becomes one piece. Also, make sure if you are using the same small bowl you used in step 3, wash it out so that no clumps from the prior batch get painted onto the image.

This layer should be as smooth as possible with minimal to no clumps. If you start by applying the Mod Podge left to right, then continue applying left to right. If you start with an up and down motion, then continue applying up and down until it you seal the entire image.

And that’s it, you now have your first Cheap Canvas Print!

It should have taken you several hours to complete this project from start to finish, and it should have come out much more inexpensive then buying your cheap photo canvas prints.

So that’s it, we ask that you please subscribe to our mailing list, especially if you found this information to be practical. We will continue to provide you with quality and practical information and we won’t ever spam you. My goal with this article is that after reading this you will consider making your own cheap canvas prints instead of buying them online.

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